Update 2.0.0

Another week, another patch.

I had initially intended to release a couple of small updates this week, but the project ran away with me so instead here’s a big fat juicy one.

One of the biggest let downs of the initial prototype was that the Night sections, especially on day 2 and 3, felt a bit bland and somewhat of a let down.

I began to rectify this in the last update by adding a small additional section to night 3, and have expanded on that greatly for this patch.

Nights 2 and 3 - Rework

Whereas previously we had 2 rooms accessible at night, we now have 6, Marketing, HR, Acquisitions and Storage, Security, Conference Room B and Harry’s Green Room, my personal favourite.

Both Nights 2 and 3 now have a more complex set of objectives that must be completed to progress the game, as well as additional hidden secrets and events you can unlock that expand the world of Captive Audience.

Drones - Additions and Changes

To accompany this the drones have received a rework, now teleporting players back to the entrance of Backstage when they catch them, rather than instantly moving the day forward. Several scripted encounters with the drones have also been added to increase their presence and threat.

A second drone now also haunts the third night, and will stop to chastise his friend that hovers so obsessed above Mr Blinky.

Interactables - Reworked

Speaking of Mr Blinky, he can now be carried anywhere you like, so feel free to take him on your adventure.

This comes as part of a massive overhaul to controls for interacting with objects, with button prompts now correctly displaying, and rotating etc fixed to be more natural and efficient.

We’ve also changed Get Up to RMB, so passwords can now contain an e on PC’s.

A lot of other quality of life changes have gone into the game to make the experience smoother and more engrossing. One of the biggest is….

Objective System - Added

We now have an objective system in the game, that will tell you what to do next and where to go to progress. This will appear neatly on your screen during playtime, and can be reference in the pause menu if you forget what you’re doing.

Other notable fixes:

The bowl no longer overflows in day 1.
Teleprompter has received a vocal shift.
CMD prompts should always generate a password.
The buttons can be activated from the 10 second countdown on day 4.

and many more….

So come check out the brand new version of Captive Audience, it’s a whole new game, and we’d love to know what you think!


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