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Captive Audience is a first person Narrative Thriller set in the confines of the Compendium Estates, a dark-web corporation responsible for the creation of unlicensed programming using unwilling participants sourced from death row.

With a focus on object interactivity, as well as a fully voice acted story complete with multiple scenes of dialogue, scoring and object commentary, Captive Audience aims to be an immersive, engaging thriller that draws the player into its world and pulls them through to the shocking conclusion.


Five years ago Matt's wife Julia was convicted for a crime she didn't commit, and transferred to the Compendium Estates before her conviction could be carried through. 

In a desperate attempt to free her from a fate of servitude Matt attempted a rescue, only to be captured himself, imprisoned by the Compendium Estates and finding himself as the star for their latest show "Captive Audience".

Now, five seasons on, the intervention of a unknown forces offers a chance of escape to Matt, one he cannot pass up. Completing episodes of the show during the day, and attempting escape at night, Matt must work his way through the confines of the Compendium sound stage to free both himself and his wife.

Fully voice acted

Captive Audience is a fully voice acted experience narrated by professional actors from across the UK. We spent a lot of time ensuring we found the best people for each role, recording them in a professional grade sound studio and then mixing them into our world to make the experience more immersive.

Interact with the world

Captive Audience features numerous objects in the environment that the player can interact with, from basketballs to stuffed cows. Each items has its own unique dialogue or SFX attached to it, ensuring they feel realistic and impact to both the character and the player.

Dynamic node based story-telling system

Our unique nodular system for Captive Audience allows the story to progress in a natural and systematic way, ensuring the flow of the narrative is never interrupted so that the player really feels like a part of the show. Each episode is split into two sections, the "Show", where Matt is forced to complete tasks for TV, and the "Escape" where at night Matt works to ensure his freedom.

Detailed lighting and environments

Captive Audience makes use of Unity's lighting with the addition of volumetric systems to give the light a really weighty and realistic feel. We wanted every environment to reflect the tone of the scenario Matt finds himself in, be it a warmly lit set, or a cold, dark corridor backstage.



W/A/S/D - Move
E - Interact
Left Mouse - Move Camera
Right Mouse (Hold) - Rotate Objects
Shift - Sprint


Please note "Captive Audience" is designed as a Prototype for a game concept and as such is likely to contain bugs, issues etc. This is not a commercial product, but is intended to be seen as is to evaluate the concept and gameplay mechanics.

This also means minimal updates will occur from this point on, that being said we really hope you enjoy our game, we had a lot of fun making it!

If a scene becomes stuck, or you complete a task and are unable to progress through to the night section of the game, please make use of the "Skip Scene" button located in the pause menu. Simply click it, unpause the game and this will progress you to the next segment of the game.

If you have any feedback or thoughts on the game, then please don't hesitate to comment or contact us, we'd love to hear what you think!

Published 24 days ago
AuthorCaptive Minds
GenreInteractive Fiction, Role Playing
Made withUnity
Tags3D, First-Person, Horror, Story Rich, thriller, tv-show, Unity, Voice Acting
Average sessionAbout an hour

Install instructions

Simply download the zip file, extract and run the executable! Please note the data folder must be in the same location as the .exe file.


Captive Audience 716 MB

Development log


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Hey guys, I promised I'd be making a video on the game, so here it is!

I wanna apologize again for the frame rate in the video, the game just wasn't agreeing with my PC for some reason, but it was a lot of fun and I'm planning on finishing it up soon.

I wish you guys luck in your future endeavors, thanks!

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Honestly i loved it. you guys did such a great job and it would be amazing to see julia's side as hinted at the end. but as someone did point out it would be much better if it was optimized better. i have quite a good gaming rig but at times it was hard for the game to run. but all and all, good job guys and keep up the good work (i live streamed it by the way and people liked it)

That's awesome to hear Draxalore, we really appreciate you playing the game. We definitely have plans to expand the narrative, with a potential sequel focused on Julia in the pipeline :)

Our main issue is lighting at the moment, which were working on optimising in the next build, so hopefully that should help improve frame rate!

As we mentioned above, if you recorded the live stream let us know and we can retweet it from @captiveaudienc3 :)

Thanks again for playing, really glad to hear you enjoyed it!


plz create a dx 10 version thanks


An interesting experience. The story is very original. We enjoyed it very much.

Here is a video we made while playing:

Keep up the good work!!!

Cool game idea. I had some graphic problems, but i think it was on my end.

why not claimable?

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Claimable? I'm new to Itch so honestly have no idea what that is / how to do it haha


Really fun and interesting game!!!

Hey Jakumie, sorry for the slow comment but we loved your video! Thanks a ton for playing Captive Audience :D We'd love for you to give it another go in a month when it should have a lot more features etc!

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Dear devs,

First of all congratulations on your original game concept. This 'prisoners in sadistic game show' theme has been done in movies a few times, but not games, to my knowledge, so kudos for being first.

One thing I really like about the way you have done this is that you treat each episode of the program as a different mini-game, which keeps things fresh. The controls and the means of executing the different tasks is mostly pretty intuitive, although I don't understand the purpose of the email one (either within the program or within the game's narrative).

You have put a lot of emphasis on the voice acting here, and it really pays off. In fact, it is the very convincing performances of the voice actors that really makes the experience emotionally compelling.

Even though many players will probably see it coming, I really like the way the twist was executed. It felt like a homage to the Bioshock 'would you kindly?' scene.

There are some limitations with this game I probably don't need to point out, and which were probably due to its prototype nature (lack of real guards, spartan studio environment etc), but here's  a few that might be less obvious:

1) In the cake-making episode, you put a mixing bowl in the oven (which is strange enough) but you take out a tray.

2) The password entry on the laptop has a big problem if you enter anything other than the correct password . Specifically, entering any word with the letter 'e' (the most common letter in the english language!) causes you to exit and stand up again.

3) Without giving away any spoilers to other potential players, having the same voice actor play two different roles gives away the twist much, much too early. (Maybe at least disguise one of them a bit) 

4) What's more, having one of those two characters try to disuade the protagonist from attempting to escape, or suggesting that they're being tricked, doesn't make sense, in light of what is eventually revealed.

5) The language the presenter uses in addressing the protagonist and the audience is inconsistent, in terms of attempting to disguise the true nature of the program one minute and being open about it the next. (eg. Reference to 'disposing' of a contestant they previously alluded to merely 'sending home')

6) When the protagonist must make his 'big decision' the things he must decide between aren't labelled, so you don't really know what decision you're making.

7) At a few points in the studio corridoors, it is possible to walk through the walls (either that or into some kind of closet) and you can't see your way back to the lit area.

But apart from all that, I thought this was a great idea that was generally well executed. I encourage you to see it through.

Hi electricshrock.

First of all thanks for playing our game! Really glad to hear you enjoyed it, and you raise a lot of good points in your comments. Some of the narrative blips are mostly down to condensing a long period of time into the small segment people see. Similarly the voice acting actors performing multiple parts was due to time limitations etc on the original project, though we still think it works nicely :D

Just to clear one thing up, with the choice on day 4 you can actually turn the photos over to see the names of the characters and inform your choice!

Again thanks for playing though, really glad you enjoyed the experience and we'll take your feedback into consideration as we continue development!


I guess I'm gonna do this game the first review. ... Oh GOD the feels. Great job on that. Might wanna work abit on object collision (I.e the cake scene) but beyond that, the story was great. Even though I accidentally skipped a scene, it didn't detract from the story at all. Keep it up and I wanna see where you take this now.

Hey Levont,

Thanks for taking the time to play our game, I'm really glad to hear you liked the story and the game in general :D also for making such an awesome video about it. I'll share it on our Twitter!