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Loved it! I can tell it definitely took inspiration from Black Mirror which I couldn't get enough of tbh. I was almost about to quit because the gameplay was a bit wonky but the storyline brought me back in! I'm gonna tell you right now that if the graphics were a bit more advanced then this would probably be up there with one of the best games/storylines I've ever played. Keep at it guys bc you definitely have the potential for something huge!


Now I will be 100% honest and truthful with you that I am not a reviewer, I am not a professional and I am just a regular person in front of a screen that played this game when I say this game is absolutely FUCKING AMAZING 10/10. Now maybe some of you disagree with me but this is just my opinion. I love this game, the story is so rich and so depressing that I want a part 2, it looks like it has been based on the movie The Truman Show but waaaay more diabolical, like it is so sad to see the dude suffering thinking that there is someone who is there to comfort him (side character) but then (SPOILER) he gets back stabbed with the woman that he wants to be with and his wife is "kidnapped" ?, he is also treated like a slave. Worse this is basically similar to what people do in the dark web known as the Red Room, but worse, it became a show that even kids watch which just blows my mind. I just imagine myself there and knowing that there are people watching me, laughing at my agaony, crying because they think their lives are worst than mine when I have already hit rock bottom.  This game is just fantastic and will always be one of my top favorites. The graphics are also high quality and the sound is just amazing. The robots scare me so much too, well not really more like anxious. I would highly recommend this game to future people and I hope they have as much fun as I did. KUDOS to the DEVS !  


This game is super twisted! In Captive Audience we are the ones in the zoo...


Bruh this is horrifying. Awesome.

Can you help me? when it downloads it says Failed - Forbidden, do i have to sign into something?

It sounds like maybe your download corrupted? There's nothing you need to sign into for the game :)

you just need to do the download again 


i love this game and can't wait for the full version. the only issue i experienced was that every time i got out of the game, i had to start over because there was no way for me to save my progress.

Loved it! i ran into a few bugs, but over all it was awesome, i cant wait for the sequel.


Hey Hopinsteadofjump,

Thanks for taking the time to play our game :D! Really glad to hear you enjoyed it, i'll hopefully have a trailer out for the sequel soon so stay tuned!

That's awesome, I cant wait

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Goddamn this game was fascinating! I really loved this. Even tho i had problems with one scene but nice feature that i could skip it. I made video of this and it will have 2 parts!


Hey Shienoful,

Thanks for playing Captive Audience! Really glad to hear you've enjoyed it so far, looking forward to seeing part 2 : )

No problem, it was really interesting! Also funny timing as well, because it remainds Big Brother -show which started last week here.

Here is part 2!


Absolutely amazing project, I can fully see a project like this with some extra polish could go amazingly as a full game


amzing game

Really glad to hear you enjoyed Captive Audience, and thank you so much for making a video on it. :D

Make sure to keep an eye out for the sequel!

I always only play a little of games like this as I don't want to spoil the ending for anyone in my audience who might want to play it, but Man that Ending!!! brilliant work 

Hey ScottishGeekPlays,

Thank you tons for taking the time to play our game, I'm really glad to hear you enjoyed it, and that the ending stood out :D

The next chapter in the Captive Audience story, It Will Find You, is coming out in the next few months, so be sure to check it out!

Have a great weekend,



Such an amazing game so far. I had a bit of difficulty finding something. I won't stop til I finish this game. Love the graphics, the atmosphere, and the music. The basketball is a great little addition, sad i didn't get it into the basket but I know that it's possible. I haven't finished this game yet and I'm already looking forward to your next game. 

Hey there!

I saw someone playing a bit of this game and wanted to check it out, but every time I try to download the zip, this happens.

I don't really get it. Why is it forbidden?

Hi Dinah, 

Nothing in the game files is forbidden, and I seem to be able to download and run the game still, so i'm not sure what the issue is unfortunately!

Hope you get it working soon!

did you get it working? and if you did, how?

nevermind its working now


I just played this amazing game and it left me wanting more. Hey Dev Team, is the full game canceled for good, or just postponed development? I would easily pay money for the full game

We've just announced a sequel set for release later this year called "It Will Find You" :D Keep an eye out for more details in the next few months!


what's the soundtrack?

Seems quite interesting and I would loved to have played more but the game crashed on me during my Twitch playthrough.

Dear Creators

What is the title of the song used near the end?

If you want to hear the full theme song you can use the following link:

the link isn't working

Hi! I loved the game! Sad to see the Kickstarter was pulled, I just discovered the game today. The voice of Matt sounds SO familiar, any chance you could tell me who it was? 

Never mind! I somehow missed it in the game credits first go round.

Any plans for a Linux version ?

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If the game is in x86(32bits) we can play it in Wine(windows emulator). I hope for it. I prefer download win32 than that "linux" version because linux is Kernel( a sort of BIOS to Microsoft), and these developer just put on "Linux", but have many type of "linux". To example, that my is Ubuntu(debian derivative) . deb, however have many others "linux", have Red Hat derivative(Fedora, CentOS and etc.) using .yum, have some ArchLinux another one linux using . pacman packs and etc. Here devs input "linux" version as generic wrong source. Exist a lot of "linux" core Kernel.I had gotten ONE TIME only a capable "linux" game works in my Ubuntu. After that nonetheless others runs properly. Never mind, to me if is in 32bits(x86) I run in winehq.

Run in linux Ubuntu:

Hello Captive Minds! 

I just wanna say that I love the game! I like the flow of the story, it was so good! Also, I love the voice acting! I'm kind of wondering if there are multiple ending for it though. Because at the last part, there was this scene where I have to chose between Julia (wife) and Stacy, and I chose Stacy. Regardless, it was awesome and I enjoyed it very well! I hope to see the game progress and get better :)

Hey Acrxm096,

Thanks for letting us know how much you enjoyed the game! We always love hearing from fans and really appreciate it :D

So there is only one ending by design, as the twist is directly related to the outcome, but there is a couple of hidden events you can unlock prior to the finale that show you some extra story :)

We'd love to do some multiple endings in the future though so it's on our list!

You guys  should add an alternate ending but if your doing a part 2 it makes sense your not.

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Hello, Creators!

I saw Markiplier play this game and I absolutely LOVED it! Do you plan on making more than 1 game of this series? I'd absolutely love to see more! :D

Best of luck,


We've currently got a Kickstarter running at the moment to help us make part 2 :D check it out!


Dear Creators, 

From what I've seen of the playthroughs, it looks like an amazing, well made game. I'd love to play it ^w^ Was wondering if it were going to come out for Mac anytime soon? Or ever? But either way, nice job on this game, it turned out really well.

Sincerely, Kay


Hey Kay,

So our biggest problem with developing for Mac is that none of us have one haha, so we struggle to test how effectively the game will work.

Whilst were not sure we can make one for the prototype, the full game would be released across multiple platforms including Mac :)


Dear Mr Creators

I understand and i'm aware that you can only handle as much mail as you can so if your reading this, then i'm so happy that i could reach rare kinds of people who clearly pave their content and projects in a very creative and artistic matter.

I'm highly aware of how amazing this game is. i played it myself, the bots are a bit difficult to manage as you would lag a bit from proximity to them. 

I haven't explored the endings but looking on you tube... it doesn't look like there are multiple...

Perhaps that's because its a bit difficult to accomplish that, but you made it feel like my choices have value like the number of times you get caught and choosing who lives or dies. this game is a emotional success, but you don't need to hear it from me.

Also thumbs up because you talk to your fans, not many creators do that... for some reason.

Lastly the thing that was interesting the most was how if you somehow think about the truth earlier in the game... Matt seemed rational and yet we had no control over his anger seeing the developer... he is seen to be playing it cool as he plays along but if he was more perceptive and cautious like not hitting the guy but talking to him, he would have played his cards right.

But in essence the scenario you masterfully crafted here is survival and behind-the-scenes manipulation. if you can craft this level of storytelling while messing with the player then i HIGHLY doubt that you would have trouble making a part 2. 

yours sincerely-

the987tails         -really just someone who played a great game. :D

p.s. - good luck out there.

Hi 987tails,

Thanks for getting in touch, we do our best to answer any comments, as really interacting with fans / players is a huge part of the experience for us and we really enjoy it :)

You're correct in there not being multiple endings, though there are various events during the game that only occur if you perform certain actions / choices, so keep an eye out for those! The achievements hint at a few. In the full version of the game we fully intend to incorporate a variety of endings :D

It's awesome to hear how much you enjoyed the game, we really appreciate the kind words! Captive Audience was definitely a passion project so it's great to hear people liked it :D

With Matt's behaviour you essentially have to look at it as two characters. Matt himself, who is full of rage and despair and hit situation, And the Matt he is forced to be on camera, positive, calm and engaged. He's been stuck on this show for five years, So mentally separating himself is a survival mechanism.

This of course starts to break down with the stress of the game though, And that's where you see the most extreme reactions!

Again though thank you so much for your kind words :D We really hope our Kickstarter succeeds so we can do Part 2! There's a lot of story left to tell.

Nick and the Captive Minds team.


Out of everything I've played on, this has to be the very best. Captive Audience's concept is truly amazing, and I honestly enjoyed every moment of it. 

Hey Sig,

Wow thank you, that really means a lot to us! We made Captive Audience as a total passion project, so it's really nice to hear that people love it as much as we do :D

If you haven't checked out our Kickstarter yet it's got some details about what we'd like to do for a sequel etc :) 

Thanks again for the kind words!


Dear creators,

I thoroughly enjoyed watching a play through of this game. I am fond of stories that play with human psychology, and this game achieved that in such a clean manner. If I had to pick something to dislike, it would be that you can't flush the toilet! (Kidding.)
I'm excited for the future development of this game and the additional stories that come along with it. 

I was wondering how you (as in the team as a whole) would feel about a novel version being released, though. It could be of just Matt's story or it can cover all the characters once the game is fully developed. Another consideration would be not to involve the game's protagonist(s) at all but instead the corrupt corporation from an outside view point.

My point is I am interested in making a novel based on your game. (So much I literally just made this account to comment all this.)  Unless you have a better idea that could benefit both parties, I'd write it and release it for free. Of course I'd make it obvious that it is based on this game so the awareness of this game grows and gains solidity. 

If you're interested in my idea please give me a form of contact to the person on your team I should be discussing the details with.
If you feel this is unneeded or just plain unwanted, then no hard feelings. I'd rather ask and get rejected than write it without permission. 

Regardless, thank you for taking the time to read this! 


Hi Elizabeth,

Firstly thank you for your kind words. We really appreciate it!

I'm the lead writer for Captive Audience, and a novelization of the story is something I have definitely been considering based on the positive feedback we've been getting since our prototypes launch.

Currently our focus is the Kickstarter for Part 2, which we believe can help us expand and elaborate on the story greatly, so unfortunately a novel isn't something were looking for quite yet.

That being said, dependant on how the future of the project plays out, I'd never say never, so I'll add you to our list of contacts. Should we decided a novel is where we'd like to take it next, we can re-asses the situation.

Thank you again for the kind words and the offer though, we really appreciate it!

P.S. If you'd like to send us a portfolio of your work in the mean time, you can do so on our either our Twitter @captiveaudienc3, or to

Still, thank you for taking the time to read my comment and consider the possibility.

I hope everything goes well with part two! 


i can absolutely see this becoming a bloody vengeance game in the vain of oldboy and law abiding citizen's Clyde Shelton. waiting patiently to exact brutal, bloody and ultimately pointless vengeance.

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You guys might want to go post a link to the page about kickstarter in the comments on Mark's video. I have seen several people asking about what's next for the game.

We've already done so :D but it's a really good suggestion! Hopefully we can bring more people through to our Kickstarter as the month goes on. Make sure you share etc if you're interested :)


I saw Markiplier play this, and I LOVE this game! I really hope you keep up with this. 

Dear developers,

Just beat the game. I rarely browse indie games, but this one caught my attention... and it blew my mind. Created an account just to share my love for this project you've done. It was splendid! Great work, give a round of applause for Corin Silva, all voice acting is top-notch. Got me so involved in this universe you created with merely few rooms that I urge you to build further upon this. :)

P.S. Any way I can donate for the terrific experience? You deserve a good cup'o'coffee and a little motivation.

Hey Portabless,

Thank you so much for the kind words, it really makes it worth it to know fans are enjoying our game so much :D 

I've passed on your comments to Corin as in sure he'll be thrilled to hear it, all our voice actors did a fantastic job, we were really proud of them!

We're actually discussing our plan going forward now, and were thinking about a crowd funding campaign on Kickstarter. Is this something you'd be interested in? We'd like to know if fans would actually like that haha.

Thanks again for the awesome feedback :D

Captive Minds

Definitely! I, for one, would like to see a kickstarter. ^^ It would be a shame for me to see such talent, idea and narrative remain unexplored. :) 


Hello Captive Minds,

Really good job on the game guys! Other than the aforementioned framerate and occasional loudness issues (and typos in the script), the game was a nice experience. I especially liked that there is no good ending, because whenever I play horror/atmospheric games, I don't like it when the ending isn't satisfying or "good for the sake of having a good ending."

I have a question though, that made me wonder: do the audience know that the participants are held here against their own will, and if so, why is this show allowed? Or is it just a make-pretend that they go along with? Either way, it was a really nice concept and I'd like to see more of this.

Hey Ahriasre,

Firstly thanks for your kind words, were really glad to hear you enjoyed the experience :D our goal was to make the games end feel more realistic and open relevant to the situation, so I'm glad that came across well!

The audience are fully aware of the stars captive state, for them it's part of the thrill. 

As to the why it's allowed, and why various world governments donate their death row inmates to the show, well.... That's a story yet to be told.


Hello Captive Minds

I wanted to tell you guys how good Captive Audience is. I watched a lets play and by the end of it I was in tears for the protagonist. I look forward to seeing more of your work. 
I also wanted to ask for the title of the music piece at the end. When the protagonist sees Julia. I cant help but think it very beautiful and fitting.  However, I cant find it anywhere (or im just not searching it correctly). Can you tell me the title and name of the composer?

I also wanted to give a big virtual hug who sung  at the opening of the game.

(2 edits)

Hey MaximumFunZone!

Firstly a massive thank you for the kind words, it really means a lot to us as a small studio of beginners, and we're so excited our game is getting seen by so many people :D

Both the theme song and the final score are original pieces we had composed for the game by two very talented musicians, and they're not currently available to download anywhere. We're getting a lot of requests for them at the moment though so keep an eye out as they may become available :) You can follow us on @captiveaudienc3 for updates etc!

If you want to check the composers other work out though it's Mathew J Rees who composed the final score for us, and Jo Henley of Beanie Studios who wrote the main theme!

Thanks again for the kind words, and we're really glad you enjoyed the experience.


Edit: Here are some links to their work for you.

Jo Henley:

Mathew Rees:


Have not ran into any problems in this game except for the frame rate. This was a very interesting game to play and I can't wait to play more of it, there is a lot of story (Most of the story I probably don't understand) and I am honestly eager to see what happens next. Thank you game developers (Captive Minds) for making a wonderful game.

Thanks for playing and your kind words Joey :D we really appreciate it.

I'll be watching this as soon as I get home!


Thoroughly enjoyed my experience with this game, minus a couple of issues with volume and frame rate. An unexpectedly detailed, dark and sinister game that I encourage people to try for themselves.

Hey CjuGames,

Thanks for taking the time to play our game! We're really glad to hear you enjoyed your experience with the game :D It makes all the development time worth the while.

We're still looking at optimisation for the game, as well as what's next for Captive Audience, so we hope you enjoy our future updates!

Thanks again for playing!


This game was so beautiful and fun, only critisism is the stUPID CHAIR MECHANIC. I really enjoyed this and I hope we get more in the future!

Hey GhastMode,

Thanks for giving Captive Audience a go. I'm really glad to hear you enjoyed the experience, bar the chair mechanic haha. I'll look into making this smoother in the future. Out of interest, would you prefer if it automatically sat you down when you interacted with the PC?

Thanks again for playing!


Here's the ending. It was quite an amazing game! I loved the plot.

***Spoiler Alert*** is needed.

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