It Will Find You - Patch 0.1.2

Hi Folks,

So patch 0.1.2 is here, and with it a slew of fixes and upgrades to the game as it stands. I'm just going to dive right in with a list:

Fixed the Safe - Reworked the safe mechanic to prevent players removing objects through the side, and fixed an issue with the initial door script.

Fixed Skip Issues - Some players were reporting issues with the Skip function not working. This turned out to be due to a duplication error with the options menu, and has now been fixed.

Fixed Car drive on if left - Fixed a bug preventing the car from driving on from a spin out if the player had approached the house

Improved Cultist - Reworked the cultists path-finding to prevent him getting stuck, and allow him to be more sneaky.

Reworked Deer Hide loop - The Deer Hide was presenting issues where certain dialogue elements and events could be triggered before an appropriate time, so this has been reworked to make it more efficient.

Reworked the way books handle dialogue - Some books had quotes that sounded out of place if read at the wrong time. This has been fixed so they only play at appropriate moments.

Fixed Can issues and other held items at crash - Players should no longer get stuck, or have UI elements persist if holding items during the crash.

Found the Final Cookie - A cookie had escaped and was roaming the map. This should now be in the correct place with its brothers and sisters.

Options Menu Tweaks - You can now exit the pause menu from the options sub-menu with ESC

Fixed an issue with Timescale - Found an issue where exiting back to the main menu kept the game in a paused state. This has been fixed.

Overall this should make the gameplay experience a lot more fluid! A massive thank you to everyone playing so far, for both the bug reports and for taking the leap into the next chapter of the Captive Audience saga! I hope you're enjoying the experience.

Until next time,


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